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Age 739 is a significant year in the Dragon Ball timeline as it is the setting of Dragon Ball Minus and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.


  • At some point during or prior to this year, King Vegeta hosts a feast for Beerus, however Beerus finds him stingy, and asks Frieza to blow up Planet Vegeta.[1]
  • Oracle Fish tells Beerus of a prophecy about the existence of Super Saiyan God. Beerus goes to sleep for 39 years.[1]
  • A fire spirit is unleashed and sets Pleasant Mountain, the Ox-King and his daughter's home, on fire, trapping the two at the bottom of the mountain. Once the flames are extinguished, the mountain is renamed Fire Mountain.[2]
  • The events of Dragon Ball Minus occur.
    • Bardock and Gine secretly send Goku off on the opposite side of the planet so Frieza's ship can't see him escaping.
    • Vegeta and Raditz are on a mission together and do not return to Planet Vegeta even when Frieza orders them to.
    • The Galactic King assigns the Galactic Patrolman known as Jaco to travel to Earth and try to prevent Goku, the approaching Saiyan from destroying it.[3]
  • The events of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman occur.
    • Three days before the Twinkle 8 launch, Jaco bumps into the Moon crashing his ship onto Earth in front of Omori's Island on his way to prevent Goku from destroying Earth. Jaco stays with Omori because his ship is busted.[4]
    • Two days before the Twinkle 8 launch, Jaco kills the Monster Shark early in the morning.[4] Tamagoro Katayude arrives on Omori's Island and warns Omori he has one week to leave his island before the government takes it back.[5] Later that night, Omori and Jaco head to East City[6] and meet Tights. Jaco becomes a wanted criminal.[7]
    • One day before the Twinkle 8 launch, Tights moves to Omori's Island and brings them Sky Gold to help fix Jaco's ship.[8] Katayude sees news about Jaco and prepares to go after him since he is the only one who knows his whereabouts after seeing him on Omori's Island.[9]
    • The day of the Twinkle 8 launch, Tights arrives on Kiwi Island two days late and boards the rocket as An Azuki's double.[9] Katayude arrives with the Eastern Capital Special Forces Unit to apprehend Jaco but fails.[10] The Twinkle 8 malfunctions and Jaco saves Tights and the astronaut Manpuku Okawari with the help of the slowdown effect of Omori's Time Machine and Jaco's partially fixed spaceship. The charges against Jaco are dropped because of his heroic act.[11]
    • The day after the Twinkle 8 launch which is sometime before August 18, Tights' family of Dr. Brief, Mrs. Brief and Bulma arrive on Omori's Island and Bulma fully repairs Jaco's ship.[12]
    • The same day, Goku lands on Earth around Mount Paozu without Jaco noticing and is found by Grandpa Gohan.[12] (Happens in Age 737 in most Toei-related media)
    • Two days after Jaco's ship is repaired, he leaves Earth.[12]
    • Sometime after Jaco's departure, Dr. Brief sends Omori a hundred billion Zeni and Omori officially buys his island from the government.
  • A month after Dragon Ball Minus, Bardock attempts an assault on Frieza's spaceship when the tyrant prepares to destroy Planet Vegeta, but is unsuccessful. Frieza then uses a Supernova to destroy Planet Vegeta, killing most of the Saiyan race in the process including Gine.


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