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Main Timeline[]

  • King Cold retires and Frieza takes over in his position, resulting in the Cold Force being renamed to the Frieza Force.[1]
    • King Cold, Frieza, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza's Elite travel to Planet Vegeta to inform King Vegeta and the Saiyan Army of King Cold's retirement and Frieza's takeover.[1]
    • King Cold reveals to King Vegeta that not much about the Occupation of Planet Vegeta will change as the Saiyan Army will continue to serve under Frieza and the Frieza Force. He does warn King Vegeta that Frieza is more cold-hearted than King Cold himself before Frieza introduces himself to his new Saiyan subordinates.[1]
    • Frieza introduces Scouters to the Saiyan Army to replace their outdated Scout-Scopes.[1]
    • During a demonstration of the new Scouters, Frieza's Scouter detects four Saiyan Army snipers hiding from vantage points within Vegeta's Palace and Frieza uses his Scouter to locate each one whom he kills with long range Death Beams demonstrating the futility of opposing their new master and effectiveness of the new Scouters.[1]
    • After the demonstration, Frieza supplies the Saiyan Army with 500 Scouter units with more units to follow if requested before leaving the planet with his father and the Frieza Force.[1]
  • Vegeta is born.[2]
  • Broly is born and is sent to Planet Vampa.[1] Immediately afterwards Paragus follows after him in a spaceship inadvertently taking the Saiyan Engineer Beets along with him.[1]
  • Broly transforms into a Great Ape for the first time and during his rampage he kills several Vampa Beetles. After reverting to base form, he takes refuge in one of the Vampa Beetle corpses where Beets and Paragus find him.[1]
  • Beets is killed by Paragus after becoming stranded on Vampa with Broly.[1]
  • June 17: Launch is born.[3]
  • September 1: Peasuke Soramame is born.[4]
  • December 21: Akane Kimidori is born.[4]


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