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Dragon Ball Online

  • Earth is divided into pieces. There are enemies such as the Time Breakers (led by Towa and Mira), the evil Dark Namekians (led by Naraku), the Red Pants Army (led by Android 9, Dr. Gero, and General Bon), and the Paella Gang (a gang similar to the Pilaf Gang), and each party with sinister goals of their own.
  • Future Trunks travels to this time in order to collect members for the Time Patrol.
  • Earth is the central location and starting time in the computer game Dragon Ball Online.
  • The Time Patrol confront the evil Namekians and defeated Bibra, Naraku, and Vic.
    • Naraku is betrayed and killed by Time Breaker Dark Namekian Elder Vic after the defeat of the Dark Namekian Boss by the Time Patrol. However Vic himself is later defeated by them. Naraku never saw Vic's betrayal coming as he respectfully greeted him before being killed as Vic's true loyalty was to the Time Breakers.
  • The Time Patrol confront the Red Pants Army and defeat General Bon, Android 9, and Dr. Gero. Churai, a Time Breaker, is also defeated.
  • The Time Patrol confront Tao-X's rebuilt Red Ribbon Army and defeat him and General White (2nd Generation).
  • The Time Patrol defeated Cell-X and his Bio-Android spawn.
  • World Martial Arts Tournament is held, with the Unnamed Martial Artist (2) and Unnamed Dark Warrior participating and fighting each other.

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