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"Aerial Battle" (さぐり合い Saguri Ai, lit. "Searching Each Other Out") is one hundred sixteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred tenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover feature Bulma on Namek, holding an advanced rifle.


Frieza emerges from the rubble caused by Goku's previous attack. He tells Goku that he is the only person to put a speck of dust on his body aside from his parents. He then states that he has never been this excited in his life. Goku laments that his attack did not affect Frieza at all. Frieza jumps onto a nearby rock formation, and uses telekinesis to attack Goku with rocks. Goku manages to dodge them all, but Frieza appears behind him and hits him with an Imprisonment Ball. Unable to move, Goku is hurled into the ground below. As they watch the ensuing explosion, Gohan and Krillin wonder how Goku can win, but Piccolo says that Goku is not using all his power yet.

Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan

He then tells Krillin to look behind him, and Krillin sees that Goku has just landed there. Goku says that he will have to watch out for that attack in the future, then flies back into the air to meet Frieza. Seeing that he somehow escaped, Frieza is stunned, and tells Goku that he is beginning to make him angry. As Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin marvel at Goku's abilities, Frieza says that he will now get serious. Goku promises to do the same. Back on Earth, Chi-Chi hopes that Gohan is studying and not goofing off with Goku, while Ox-King tells her that they are most likely returning home already.






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