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"Don't measure things by mere "mortal" standards - all that matters is balance. The current Supreme Kai of Time is too lenient. So I'm taking over and erasing them for her. No luck, no ability...and no false histories!"
— Aeos in Chapter 3 (Ultra God Mission)

Aeos[1] (アイオス Aiosu, "Agios") is the former Supreme Kai of Time and the leader of the Warriors in Black. She is the main antagonist in the Supreme Kai of Time Saga and the Supervisor of the Super Space-Time Tournament.

Concept and Creation

One of Chronoa's early concept design that Aeos resembles.

Aeos' design bears resemblance to one of Chronoa's early concept designs, which had her with blue skin rather than pink skin. However, this design differs from Aeos in that the blue skinned Chronoa has pink hair, though like Aeos her clothing is a dark blue.

Aeos' name is likely based off the Greek word for "saint" or "blessed".


Aeos is a short and petite Supreme Kai of a youthful appearance with aquamarine hair and pale teal skin. Like most Supreme Kais, she wears a pair of blue-colored Potara earrings and robes similar to those worn by the Supreme Kais on the Sacred World of the Kai, though it has a more casual design that is distinctly feminine and bears a color scheme of blue, gold and red. She also sports a pair of white colored gloves and high-heeled boots. She also wears a gold-colored hat which has miniature clock symbols on it.


Aeos has a firm belief in the concept of balance over all else. She believes there should only be a single timeline, and is upset with her successor Chronoa for being lenient with the high amounts of varying timelines that end up distorting space-time. She also has a look-down-upon attitude regarding mortals, and did not care about mortal standards when initiating her plan. However, she isn't quite as uptight and cold as she appears to present herself as, since Yamcha was able to get her to laugh through his antics and she even told him to do his best to survive afterwards. Whether or not her idea of a Super Space-Time Tournament was a twisted way to decide history or an act of peculiar benevolence is unknown, but there may be good intentions behind Aeos's schemes (as the Tournament of Power had a similar structure).


75 Million Before Age & Prior

Not a lot is known of her backstory, but what is evidential so far is that Aeos once reigned as the Supreme Kai of Time. Her status was at some point later transferred to Chronoa. It is unknown what had transpired to her before, during and after that.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

New Space-Time War Saga

Main article: New Space-Time War Saga Aeos first appeared speaking with Warrior in Black, asking him if he saved his son. She then informs him and his fellow Warriors in Black that her time has come.

Supreme Kai of Time Saga

Main article: Supreme Kai of Time Saga

"The amount of timelines has increased too much; I can no longer rely on Chronoa. I had to step in."
— Aeos in the "A Plan In Motion! The Mightiest Warriors From Across Space-Time Assemble!"

Aeos confronts Chronoa in the Time Vault over the numerous timelines, claiming she can no longer rely on her to manage the Scrolls of Eternity and that she will take them for herself. Chronoa is prepared to use all her power to stop her, but Aeos' Warriors in Black appear to prevent Chronoa from doing so. Aeos then prepares to start the Super Space-Time Tournament, gathering various warriors from each Scroll of Eternity to fight for their existences.

Aeos is later seen overseeing the tournament unfold, musing about the overflow of new timelines and how she couldn't leave the duty of Supreme Kai of Time to Chronoa any longer and was forced to step in. After the first round of the tournament is over, Aeos appears and intervenes in the battle between Xeno Trunks and the One Armed Warrior in Black, using the power of time to stop their attacks before sending them away through a space-time distortion.

In the manga, Aeos is later seen through a televised screen, explaining the true intent of the Super Space-Time Tournament towards Goku's team, Team 1. As she states, The Super Space-Time Tournament evaluates the fighting ability and "luck" of each individual from each point of history and who would be at Time's "Luck". as this Tournament was held to observe their fate, and claims that Team 1's warriors were blessed with great luck and achieved victory. and finally, Aeos claims that what they see here, is the selection of "True History".

"Just think about it. Wouldn't you consider it to be strange, For there to be a world wherein same people live and evolve differently? There can only be one timeline that exists. An increased number of timelines distort Time and Space, and interfere with the flow of other Space-Times. False timelines are a hinderance for true Historical progress..."
— Aeos explains how the number of timelines distort one another in "Chapter 3 (Ultra God Mission)".

Aeos speaks to the participants of her tournament

Later on, Aeos incinerates the losing teams' Scrolls of Eternity and personally presents herself to the winning teams, congratulating them for their success at winning the first round of the tournament and once more tells them of her true intentions, how timelines distort one another and why she has to take back her position from Chronoa once more. Angered by Aeos brushing her actions off as simply the fate those histories were destined to meet, Xeno Trunks attacks her with a Sword Blast, but Aeos snaps her fingers and causes Xeno Trunks and his attack to vanish on the spot at such a speed that neither Jiren nor Hit could follow. Everyone assumes Aeos erased Xeno Trunks, much like she did with the Scrolls of Eternity, as she reminds them all of her status as former Supreme Kai of Time. She states that when the true singular history is decided from the tournament, she will retake her title from Chronoa, much to the chagrin of the Time Patrollers who don't want a Supreme Kai who doesn't care about people. Aeos remains cold, saying that in order to maintain the balance of time, the alternate timelines had to disappear.

This is the final straw for the gathered teams, as Xeno Goten, Xeno Gohan, Xeno Pan, Hearts, Xeno Vegeta and Vegeta all begin to charge attacks at her (the latter two demanding she bring Xeno Trunks back) before firing, as Aeos leaves her Warriors in Black to intercept the blasts and leave her unharmed. Calling the Time Patrollers rebellious, she makes them disappear as well, before vanishing Hearts' group, followed by Goku's team. Unfortunately for Yamcha, he is the only member left in the area, and - panicked to all hell - tries to run off despite there being nowhere to run and begs Aeos not to erase him too. His antics actually crack Aeos up, and she reveals she didn't really erase them, only sent them to the next round during her Time Freeze. She tells Yamcha to give it his best in order to survive before teleporting him as well, starting off the second round of the Super Space-Time Tournament.


Aeos creating Space-Time portals

  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Godly ki - As a Supreme Kai, Aeos possesses the ability to utilize and sense godly ki.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
  • Time Manipulation - As the former Supreme Kai of Time, Aeoss is capable of manipulating and controlling time.
    • Freeze - The special ability to temporarily stop time.
  • Portal Opening - Aeos can manipulate space-time to create portals to counter attacks by removing them from local time-space. Used to stop the Future Warrior in Black and Xeno Trunks' attacks.
  • Weapon Creation - Aeos displays abilities to create or summon weapons through the use of her enchantments or ki. as she is able to summon multiple blades that share a resemblance to the Key Sword in the Dragon Ball Heroes game.

Aeos with multiple Time Scrolls.

  • Potara - Special earrings worn by a Supreme Kai.
  • Time Scrolls - Scrolls which record the official history of various timelines and can be used as a medium with which to travel through time. Due to the increase in the number of various timelines, Aeos feels that Chronoa is unfit to remain Supreme Kai of Time and decided to seize control of the Time Vault and the scrolls contained within.

Voice Actors


Super Dragon Ball Heroes


  • Aeos is similar to Zeno and Future Zeno, as similar to their desire to reduce the number of universes, Aeos wishes to reduce the number of various alternate timelines that had increased under Chronoa's reign as Supreme Kai of Time.



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