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"Activate Ultra Instinct -Sign-" (はつどうがっごくきざし Hatsudō! Migatte no Goku'i "Kizashi") is the 59th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Aboard Saganbo's Spaceship, Shimorekka notices his fellow prisoners being captured and hauled off back to the Galactic Prison by the Galactic Patrol, before he then senses that Goku has arrived and is battling Moro.

Goku gets into his stance

On the battlefield, Piccolo and Gohan look on in amazement at the sight of Goku in his Ultra Instinct Sign state, now able to activate it at will. As Moro voices his surprise at how a mortal could achieve such a divine technique, the two get into their battle stances. From a stand-still position, Goku throws out a number of punches with such force that they create a series of air bursts which Moro has to defend himself from. Moro attempts to counter by firing off several small energy blasts, but Goku takes to the skies to avoid them before charging in for a close-quarters confrontation and applying pressure with his slick moves. Moro uses his magic to briefly immobilise Goku, explaining to him that it is just one of the many techniques he can perform. Meanwhile, on Planet Yardrat, Vegeta senses the ongoing battle between the two.

Goku fires a Kamehameha at Moro

As the battle begins to pick up, Goku asks Gohan and Piccolo to get back and just before they do so, they tell Goku to go all-out as they have already collected the Earth Dragon Balls to reverse all the death and destruction Moro has caused. Goku begins to close in on Moro, avoiding blasts along the way and powers up a Kamehameha, but turns away from Moro at the last second, firing it and causing the real Moro to appear and block it, aware that the other Moro was merely an illusion. The two continue into a close-quarters slugfest in the sky, with Goku having the upper hand until Moro once again uses his magic to draw Goku towards him, where the two land simultaneous blows to each other's mid-section.

Nearby, having joined Jaco, Android 17 and Android 18, Gohan comments on how the two appear to be equal, but Piccolo tells him that Goku is actually the faster of the two, though Moro has not yet begun absorbing energy. Just then, Moro tries that very same thing but Goku, with a flash of speed, is able to avoid it and lands a grazing blow on Moro's cheek. Moro quickly realises what Goku is doing and Goku's friends soon begin to believe that Goku can win as he starts to overpower Moro more and more.

Whis and Merus watch Goku and Moro's battle

Elsewhere on Beerus' Planet, as Beerus and the Oracle Fish continue fishing, Whis and Merus watch the ongoing battle through the Angel Attendant's Staff, with Whis praising Merus for how well he has trained Goku. Whis asks if Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct and if they should expect to see him take on his silver-haired state, but Merus is hesitant in his answer. Back on Earth, after Moro uses more of his magic abilities, he calls out Goku for seemingly being so eager to finish the fight and tells him that he has made an error in thinking he has overcome his energy absorption technique. Telling Goku that he is a fool for thinking that he is only capable of what he is shown so far, Moro begins to power up further, both shocking and terrifying the others with the enormous amount of energy he puts forward, energy he has gained from consuming countless planets since the last time they fought on New Namek. In an instant, Moro turns the tables on Goku as he falls out of the Ultra Instinct Sign state, with Moro deducing that the reason he didn't use the form the whole time against the empowered Saganbo was because he can not maintain it for long.

Merus tells Whis that Goku was only able to achieve the Ultra Instinct Sign level and never achieved the mastered state. Whis finds this unfortunate, as the Sign state is not a stable one and keeping it stable consumes energy quickly, to which Merus says that the battle hinges on Goku's ability to manage that energy drain so to keep using the form for as long as possible. As Moro taunts Goku for trying to rush the battle before his stamina ran out, Goku acknowledges his weakness, but says that if Moro was just stalling for time, then it must mean that he can not beat him when he's at full power. Goku then powers back up into his Ultra Instinct Sign state and gets ready for round two.






  • Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Moro




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