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Absorption Barrier is a combination of the Android Barrier and the Energy Absorption ability invented by Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. It is primarily used by Super 17.


Like Android 19 and Android 20, Super 17 has the ability to absorb energy into himself and add it to his own. This is a feature Dr. Myuu installed into Super 17, without Dr. Gero's knowledge. He has made this his own type of absorption ability by not only recharging his energy by stealing it, but by adding it to his maximum power and making him stronger, an effect shown by his muscles proportionally engorging before returning to normal size to fully process the extra energy. He absorbs energy by extending his arms and legs outward to somewhat resemble a star and raise an invisible field. The limit on how much energy can be absorbed (if there is one) is unknown, as he even absorbed Goku's 10x Kamehameha. However, this leaves him open for physical attacks, as he can not counter while absorbing, a fact that ultimately lead to Super 17's destruction via a Super Dragon Fist by Goku.

Video Game Appearances

In Dr. Gero's Story in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Dr. Gero develops the Absorption Barrier for himself after forcing the Androids to submit to him using power he absorbed from Gohan. He later tests it during a battle with Future Trunks, where it acts as Dr. Gero's Special Ability that allows him to absorb enemy blasts and convert them into energy while moving.

Named in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, it appears as one of Super 17's Super Skills under the name Drain Field in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it can be obtained by the Future Warrior from Shenron by wishing for more Super Attacks.[1] In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Future Warrior can obtain it as a random reward in Parallel Quest 95: "Super 17, the Ultimate Android".[2]


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