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Absolute Release Ball (アブソリュートリリースボール Abusoryūtorirīsubōru) is the stronger version of the Total Detonation Ball used by Android 21.


Absolute Release Ball in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Android 21 creates a massive ball of energy above her head and directs it at the enemy. When the sphere hits its target it creates either a giant cross-shaped explosion, or a spiraling fiery explosion.

Video Game Appearances

Absolute Release Ball was introduced in Dragon Ball FighterZ as an attack by Android 21 used to destroy Android 16 during the Super Warrior Arc and Enemy Warrior Arc It later appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes as Android 21's super attack under a different color scheme.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the human form of Android 21 called Android #21 (Normal) uses the technique as her Super Attack. Her good personality is in control when she uses it based upon her quote, which is ironic given that her evil personality uses the technique to murder Android 16 in the Super Warrior and Enemy Warrior Arcs.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Absolute Release Ball appears as Android 21's Super Attack. Additionally it can also be learned by all Hero type Avatars after Android 21's Camaraderie reaches its max Lvl 1. There is also a Giga rarity Absolute Release Ball Accessory which can be added as the default Super Attack for a Custom Card or equipped to any non-Special type card in a Custom Deck to replace that card's default Super Attack with Absolute Release Ball.