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"A Time of Trials! Lay Hold of Legendary Powers!" (れんとき でんせつちかられろ! Shiren no Toki Densetsu no Chikara o Te ni Irero!, lit. "A Time of Tribulation — Grab Hold the Power of Legend!") is the one hundred twenty fifth episode in Japan and the one hundred thirty-second episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on October 12, 2014. Its original American airdate was September 16, 2017.


Bulma and the others at The Lookout are immersed in sadness and only realize that he was able to defeat Cell, but he wasn't able to defeat Majin Buu. Among them, only Videl believes that Gohan is still alive. On the Sacred World of the Kai, Gohan is struggling to pull out the Z Sword, but it won’t even budge. Gohan turns into a Super Saiyan and tries again, finally pulling it out. But the sword is very heavy, and Gohan can’t manage to even swing it around… Meanwhile, at [The Lookout]], Goten and Trunks resolve to learn the Fusion Dance after watching Babidi and Majin Buu destroy another city. But then another telepathic message comes from Babidi, saying that he has discovered Trunks’ house.

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