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"A Surprise Appearance" (かんこうさっぽう Makankōsappō, lit. "The Makankōsappō") is the eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Raditz with damaged Battle Armor.


Piccolo firing his Special Beam Cannon

As Raditz sweeps in towards Goku to deal the death blow, he suddenly stops. Piccolo has finished charging the Special Beam Cannon and he fires it at Raditz. As the confusion after the attack clears, it is revealed Raditz has dodged the beam, albeit with a piece of shoulder plating damaged and a shoulder wound. Piccolo is stunned, and Raditz grins, commenting that the attack would have killed him had it hit him head-on.

Gohan breaking out of Raditz's Attack Ball

As it seems all hope is lost, Goku suddenly grabs Raditz's tail, immobilizing him. He then tells Piccolo to use the Special Beam Cannon again, and Piccolo complies, recharging the attack. Raditz then starts cowardly begging to be released. Goku resists at first, and Piccolo hollers at Goku to not listen to him. However, Raditz's pleas take effect, and his tail slips from his younger brother's grasp. Seizing the moment, Raditz elbows Goku, knocking him back.

Without mercy, Raditz lands his foot on Goku's chest, pinning him down. With Raditz free to move, Piccolo knows his attack will fail. All hope seems lost yet again, and the chapter ends with Gohan bursting from Raditz's space pod.




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