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"A Second Helping of Pilaf" (ピラフ一味の再挑戦 Pirafu Ichimi no Sai-Chōsen, lit. "The Pilaf Gang's Second Attempt") is the one hundred ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku standing with Emperor Pilaf, Shu and Mai inside three rectangles to the side of him.


The Pilaf Gang in giant robot suits

The Pilaf Gang in their Pilaf Machines

Goku decides to go find the car the remaining Dragon Ball is in. Yamcha questions how easy finding the car with the Dragon Ball in it will be, and Fortuneteller Baba explains that not many cars pass through the area it is in. While Bulma is still confused about why the Dragon Ball is not appearing on the Dragon Radar, Goku rides off on the Flying Nimbus to go and locate the seventh and final Dragon Ball they need to collect.

Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf explains to Shu and Mai that they will grab Goku's tail to weaken him, and then steal the Dragon Balls from Goku and company. When Shu asks what he will do when he is in control of the world, Pilaf is indecisive.

Goku notices the car and jumps down from the Flying Nimbus onto the roof of it. As Pilaf, Shu, and Mai wonder what caused the noise, Goku hangs off of the roof of the car upside down and asks for their Dragon Ball, which surprises them. Just as Goku thinks he recognizes them, Mai abruptly turns the car, throwing Goku off of the roof. Pilaf, Shu, and Mai wonder how Goku has found them, Pilaf believing that Goku should not have found them due to the Dragon Ball being in a special box that cloaked it from the Dragon Radar.

Goku attacks Emperor Pilaf

Goku attacks Emperor Pilaf

Goku recognizes them finally, and Mai wonders what they will do, but Pilaf thinks that Goku's decision to come alone is advantageous for them, as they know his weakness and he is their biggest threat in the group. Goku demands that they come out and face him, and he faces off against the three of them. Goku then demands that they give him the Dragon Ball. Pilaf refuses, saying if Goku wins in a fight against him, he will give Goku the ball, but if Goku loses he has to turn over his six Dragon Balls.

Pilaf, Shu, and Mai throw down capsules, each of which is a Pilaf Machine. Goku is confident, turning down Pilaf's demand to surrender. Pilaf explains the machines are powerful, but Goku remains undaunted. As Pilaf insists that Mai attack Goku first, Goku kicks Pilaf's machine and sends it flying into a cliff face, surprising Pilaf. Shu and Mai rush to his aid.





  • This is the first time in the manga that Mai has been mentioned by name.

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