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A Plan In Motion! The Mightiest Warriors From Across Space-Time Assemble! (うごした計画けいかく 時空じくうえた最強さいきょう戦士せんし集結しゅう! Ugokidashita Keikaku Jikū O Koeta Saikyō Senshi Shūketsu!) is the forty first episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


In the Time Nest, former Supreme Kai of Time Aeos stands before Chronoa, telling her that she can no longer rely on the current Supreme Kai of Time and will take the Time Scrolls from her. Chronoa vows to stop her but suddenly finds herself surrounded by several Warriors in Black.

Meanwhile on Earth, Goku enjoys a nap during his farm work. Coming around, he is approached by a Mysterious Guide. After introducing himself, he tells Goku that he has been invited to the "Super Space-Time Tournament", a tournament to determine the strongest fighter from every space-time. Obviously excited by the prospect, Goku quickly accepts and is teleported away to the tournaments location.

Hit and Jiren at the Space-Time Tournament

Once there, Goku reunites with Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta whilst also coming across Hit and Jiren, with the latter saying that he is only there for training purposes. Goku is then approached from behind by none other than Yamcha who has also been invited to the tournament. The Mysterious Guide re-appears and speaks with all competitors. He explains that the seven members on each cog wheel are part of one team. Making up twelve teams for a total of eighty four fighters, the first round of the tournament will be a survival battle. He further explains that at the battle stage they will soon be transported to, are three flying fairy warriors and that victory is assured by catching them or beating all the members of the other teams. With a time limit of 50 takks (24 minutes in Earth time), the tournament is given an immediate start and the participates are teleported to the battle field.

Goku and Xeno Goku cross paths

On the battlefield made up of various different types of terrain from forests, to icy plains, to rocky deserts, the team members are separated from one another. Goku quickly crosses paths with his timeline counter-part Xeno Goku who are each elated at the prospect of fighting each other once again. However, Xeno Goku states his intention with the host of the tournament Aeos. Before he can explain his reasons as to why, the two Goku are ambushed by another team.

Elsewhere, Xeno Trunks meets Tapion, who remembers him as a child from their previous encounter though Xeno Trunks does not remember him in return. Tapion urges Xeno Trunks to show him his power and in response he transforms into Super Saiyan God. A multitude of battles begin to take place as Jiren faces off against Broly, Hit against Hirudegarn and Kid Buu against Janemba. With 30 takks remaining, Yamcha flees from Mecha-Frieza whilst Aeos smiles at the current events taking place.

Major Events

  • The Space-Time Tournament is commenced.


  • Goku and Xeno Goku vs. Six unknown opponents
  • Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God) vs. Tapion
  • Jiren vs. Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Hit vs. Hirudegarn
  • Janemba vs. Kid Buu
  • Vegeta vs. Unknown Opponent
  • Piccolo vs. Unknown Opponent
  • Gohan vs. Unknown Opponent
  • Yamcha vs. Frieza (Mecha Frieza)








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