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"A Legacy Toward the Future" (らいへのけいしょう Mirai e no Keishō) is the 103rd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


DBS 103 01

Goku kicks Gohan

Goku continues his intense sparring session with his first born, each using the strongest form available to them. Gohan manages to kick Goku through a hill and a forest before he brings himself to a halt. Goku compliments Gohan's potential again and applauds him for taking the time to train his new form, while Gohan cites Piccolo's help. However, Goku reveals he had been holding back a degree with his Ultra Instinct and shows off the results of his own training, using skill and experience in tandem with the divine technique to easily evade Gohan's assault and pressure him in return.

Gohan praises Goku's use of Ultra Instinct before revealing the secret behind his use of Beast - having not found a way to properly utilize the form's full power without risking losing control, Gohan treads his energy on the edge of going berserk to maximize his power and speed, enough to streak past that of Perfected Ultra Instinct and land a clean stomach strike on Goku, shocking his father enough to knock him out of his form. Goku is impressed by Gohan's strategy and re-enters into Ultra Instinct to continue their fight.

DBS 103 07

Broly gains control of Super Saiyan

On the ground below, Broly is equally impressed by Gohan's power and so Goku decides to halt their spar and let Broly take his place. Gohan begins in Ultimate form to casually match Broly's base form, before overpowering him with Beast upon Broly's request to see the form. As Gohan punches him away and moves in for a follow-up attack, he is momentarily surprised by Broly's newly controlled transformation into a Super Saiyan, surprising both Goku and Vegeta. Additionally Whis also notes Broly's growth though Beerus notes that he still does not have a handle on his power as well as what Gohan seems to.

Gohan's superior form control and power maintains an advantage over Broly, up until Vegeta decides to tag in for Broly as Gohan's next opponent, leaving Gohan bewildered by everyone's desire to fight him. Goten and Trunks having since defused voice their desire to face Broly as well and not wanting to be left out, Goku joins the group in their mini battle royal. The entire ordeal turns into an all-out slugfest, completely wrecking Beerus' Planet in the process. Following the session, the group enjoy a feast cooked by Lemo and afterwards Whis fixes up the damage while Goku and Vegeta decide to finally return home. Searching for a powerful ki to lock on to, Goku pinpoints Piccolo and teleports the group to his home where Carmine and Soldier 15 promptly take off.

DBS 103 11

The group return to Piccolo's home

Intrigued by Piccolo's newfound strength Goku asks for a battle with him, but he declines stating that he needs to pick Pan up from kindergarten. When Goku ponders who that is, the others are quick to chastises him and Piccolo makes Goku come along with him to pick her up for it. Meanwhile Carmine decides to abandon his plans for resurrecting the Red Ribbon Army once again, realizing that there is no money in taking over the world and decides to continue their research into pharmaceutical development.

At the kindergarten, Pan finishes up for the day and warmly greets her father before wondering who the man behind him is. After being told that he is her grandfather, Pan tests him by trying to land a kick against him though it is easily blocked. The two share a smile before flying off home with Piccolo waving goodbye to Pan's teacher.


  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Gohan (Beast)
  • Gohan (Ultimate/Beast) vs. Broly (Base/Super Saiyan (Controlled))
  • Goku vs. Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Gohan (Beast) vs. Broly (Super Saiyan (Controlled)) vs. Goten vs. Trunks








  • This is the first chapter of the manga to be published after Akira Toriyama's death.



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