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A Desperate Future Saga is video game only saga that appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In this saga the Future Warrior learns more about Trunks: Xeno's history and must contend with alterations to Future Trunks' timeline while Xeno Trunks is forced to make a painful decision concerning the fate of his beloved mentor Future Gohan.


After completing the Galactic Emperor Saga, the Warrior is asked by Old Kai if they wish to go on another Time Patrol mission or help him find Xeno Trunks. The Time Patrol leads to the Android Warfare Saga which deals with the Androids conflict in an altered version of the main timeline. Going to look for Trunks leads to this saga, though both can be completed in either order.

Fighting for Hope! Future Warrior

"In another future, Androids 17 and 18 wrought mass destruction. There, Android 16, who shouldn't even have existed, opened his eyes. Glowing with an evil aura, 16 engages Gohan in a brutal battle. It's up to you to once again save Gohan by traversing space and time."
Scroll of Eternity plot description

Future Android 17 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (4)

Future Gohan confronting Future Android 17 & 18 in Age 780

Inside the Time Nest, Xeno Trunks is looking at the scroll for Age 780 of his timeline and witnesses Future Gohan's heroic but doomed last stand against the Androids and watches as his teenaged self finds Gohan's lifeless body in the rain causing him to transform into a Super Saiyan. The Warrior walks in looking for Trunks who reveals the scroll he was looking at was his timeline and explains that Gohan and the others had been wiped out by 17 & 18, with Gohan being the last to die. He notes that if his mother hadn't built the Time Machine than he and everyone would be dead but is interrupted by Elder Kai, who states he doesn't really approve of a machine that can fiddle around with history, which Trunks agrees to given his current position as a Time Patroller, though Elder Kai decides there is no use in crying over spilled milk as it is already a part of established history. Suddenly, the scroll shows a history change occurring in Age 780, causing Trunks to state they have to act fast. Chronoa appears and asks Trunks if he understands what is required of him and he does knowing that he must leave things up to the 2nd Future Warrior as it is dangerous for Xeno Trunks to travel back to his own history. He hands the warrior the time scroll which they use to travel to Age 780.

"I will destroy the son of Goku!"
Future Android 16

In Age 780, Future Gohan is on his way to confront Android 17 and 18 after knocking out Future Trunks to prevent him from being killed as he is not ready to confront the Androids, when he stops and spots a Red Ribbon Android he has never seen before: Dark Future Android 16 empowered by Villainous Mode. The Future Warrior arrives just in time to join the battle. Future Gohan is surprised there are more Androids while Future 16 announces he will destroy the son of Future Goku. Future Gohan noting he is even stronger than Future 17 & 18, tells the warrior to flee while Future 16 states he will eliminate anyone who interferes with his plans. Xeno Trunks notes that 16 shouldn't be in his timeline, but states that it doesn't matter how he came to be in this timeline, as they need to protect Gohan, and to do it for both history and as a favor to Xeno Trunks himself. The Warrior ignoring Future Gohan's warnings and joins in the fight. Gohan is amazed by the Warriors strength and states he had no idea there were any decent fighters left on Earth, though immediately realizes there shouldn't be strong warriors as he would have noticed by this point, before commenting on the Warrior's race and wondering were they came from.

"So, Gohan... You're just full of hidden potential, aren't you? So much power... Fine fuel for my further evolution!"

Together the Warrior and Future Gohan manage to defeat Dark Future 16, however suddenly Mira appears revealing the Time Breakers are responsible for sending Future Android 16 to attack Future Gohan. Mira notes that Gohan is just full of hidden potential and decides it will be fine fuel to further his own evolution. Xeno Trunks confirms it is Mira and Elder Kai states the warrior is not strong enough to defeat Mira and due to their fight with Future 16, neither the Warrior or Future Gohan are in any condition to face Mira. Future Gohan wonders who Mira is and why he is so strong, while Mira states he will put Gohan out of his misery soon. Xeno Trunks realizing both will die if something is not done, grabs the Time Scroll despite Chronoa and Elder Kai's attempts to dissuade him and travels to Age 780.

"You're not going to get your way today, Mira!"
Trunks: Xeno

Announcing his presence with a Burning Attack, SSJ Xeno Trunks appears on the scene to join his mentor and the Warrior in confronting Mira, who is actually pleased to see Trunks knowing the damage his presence may cause. Future Gohan recognizes Trunks and asks what he is doing there, but then notices he is older and a Super Saiyan. Chronoa admonishes Trunks for his recklessness and Trunks apologizes stating he can't just abandon Gohan, causing Chronoa to call him stubborn in frustration. Eventually the three manage to overpower Mira who insists he must be stronger but can't understand why he is unable to defeat them. Xeno Trunks states he will not let Mira kill Gohan before the Demonic Android bids a hasty retreat.

"You're right... And after this, Gohan... Gohan, I'll go with you to fight! This time... This time... I won't hold you back!"
Trunks: Xeno attempts to join Future Gohan in combatting the Androids

After the battle, Future Gohan realizes that Xeno Trunks is from the future and assumes Future Bulma had managed to finish her Time Machine and states he is really proud of Trunks who thanks his mentor. However Gohan states it isn't time for this as 17 & 18 are still attacking the city. Emotional due to his reunion with Gohan, Trunks is reminded of the day he lost him and not wanting to see his mentor rush off to his death, Xeno Trunks offers to join Gohan in combating the Androids saying this time he won't hold Gohan back. Chronoa however immediately reminds Trunks that if he goes through with it he will be changing the course of history, leaving Trunks conflicted. Chronoa tells the Future Warrior to stop Trunks.

"Trunks... Is there something you want to tell me? If you're here, all grown up... Then the safe, isn't it? And so...this fight has a real purpose. That's enough for me. Trunks... It looks like you've made a good friend. You can't abandon a good friend, can you? It was really good to see you, Trunks."
Future Gohan

Fortunately Future Gohan realizes his fate from Trunks reaction and realizes that Trunks will succeed were Gohan himself failed. Content with knowing that his fight has a purpose, Future Gohan elects to go alone, telling Trunks he has made a good friend in the Warrior and leaves saying goodbye to Trunks. Trunks tries to stop Gohan from leaving but the Warrior bares his path and convinces him it is for the best and that Gohan had already made up his mind. The two then return to the Time Nest.

"That was a heavier bit of history for him than I realized... I was careless. But I didn't think he'd just take of like that. If he'd actually gone through with the whole thing... Well, it would be one more mess to clean up. And that'd be even more difficult. I'm glad you were there. Thank you."

Back at the Time Nest, Elder Kai and Chronoa congratulate the Warrior for a job well done. Chronoa apologizes for her carelessness as she didn't realize how hard that piece of history was for Trunks to deal with and notes that it would have been bad if he had actually gone through with changing history, but is thankful that the warrior was there to stop Trunks. Elder Kai states he thinks Trunks should take a break after the encounter with Future Gohan and says he'll keep an eye on the scrolls for a little while to detect any further changes. Chronoa states the Warrior will have to do the work of two for a while.

Trunks: The Last Fighter

"History still wasn't done changing. When Trunks returned to the future, what awaited him was Android 16, surrounded by an even more malicious aura. You had to protect Trunks with your life to preserve history. To make matters even worse, Perfect Cell appeared and entered the fray."
Scroll of Eternity plot description

The Warrior returns to the Time Vault and Elder Kai informs them there is still a bit of a problem left over from the last change in Age 780. Chronoa reveals that Future Android 16 was not destroyed completely. Elder Kai notes he shouldn't even be around in that timeline and suspects some must have activated and revived him. Chronoa concludes it must be Towa's dping as she would have the scientific expertise required to activate and repair Future Android 16 after his defeat in Age 780 and presumably Mira was sent to keep the Time Patrol busy while Towa recovered Future 16. Chronoa is sure Future 16 is going to be even stronger than before likely upgraded by Towa. She asks the warrior to deal with this problem for them and they agree causing Elder Kai to state they are a huge help. The warrior uses the Scroll to travel to Age 785.

In Age 785, Future Trunks has just returned from the Cell Games in the main timeline to bring peace to his era, only to be confronted by Future Android 16 now empowered with Supervillain and reprogrammed to eliminate Future Trunks thanks to Towa's efforts. Future Trunks is surprised to see Android 16 and notes something isn't right as the Future Warrior arrives to protect Xeno Trunks' past self. Dark Future 16's power surprises Future Trunks, Chronoa notes that Trunks should be far stronger than 16 but that he must have been powered up somehow by Towa. She implores them to defend Trunks. The two manage to work together to hold off Dark Future 16, when suddenly Future Cell appears in his perfect form and also empowered with Supervillain Mode. While Future Trunks confronts Dark Future Cell the Warrior turns to confront Dark Future 16. Trunks is surprised that Cell is in his perfect form, to which Dark Future Cell reveals that he has absorbed Future 17 & Future 18, as well as matured much earlier presumably due to Towa accelerating his growth and making him strong enough to defeat Future 17 & 18 in Future Trunks' absence. After explaining how he acquired his Perfect Form, Cell asks Trunks how he knew his name, before realizing Trunks had come from the past and assumes he brought the Future Warrior with him, before warning them that he will exterminate them if they interfere. Dark Future Cell also notes that 16 is apparently his ally and admits he didn't think there were any more Androids left alive. Future Trunks states that as long as Androids like them exist, humanity has no future, but that their reign of terror ends today, on for Dark Future Cell to call him an amateur and tell him to shut up. However Future Trunks swears to completely annihilate them. Together the two manage to defeat both Dark Future Android 16 and Dark Future Cell which results in the deaths of Future 17 & 18, bringing peace to Trunks' timeline. Future Trunks tries to thank the warrior but they disappear out of sight and return to the Time Vault.

Back in Age 852, Chronoa welcomes then back and for doing a fine job. Xeno Trunks having recovered from the ordeal with Gohan joins them and apologizes for acting so rashly. Chronoa tells him just don't do it again and though she understands how he must feel she can't allow him to do things like that as it is dangerous, to which Trunks agrees. He also apologizes to the Future Warrior and thanks them for all they did.

Seeds of Hope for a Desperate Future

"With history successfully corrected, Trunks opened the scroll once more. Written within were the final words of an unknown Gohan."
Scroll of Eternity plot description

Xeno Trunks opens the scroll once more and observes Future Gohan's last moments which play out in much the same way except for one minor change.

"I will never die! Even if my body breaks... ...another will rise in my place to dismantle you heartless androids!"
Future Gohan

In the original timeline Gohan had confronted the Androids without saying a word, but in this altered timeline he tells Future 17 & 18 that he will never die and that even if his body breaks another will rise to take his place to defeat them, alluding to his student Future Trunks. As Xeno Trunks observes Gohan's final moments, Chronoa, Elder Kai, and the Warrior observe from the Time Vault's balcony. Elder Kai notes the change that has occurred, but Chronoa points out that it will disappear when she puts the scrolls together, but notes that she might as well leave it in. Elder Kai sarcastically asks if such a minor change will do any harm before stating they might as well let that one slip by. As a result, the events of Xeno Trunks' encounter with Future Gohan are allowed to remain out of respect to both Xeno Trunks and Future Gohan, as Future Gohan ultimately chose to heroically go to his death knowing that Trunks would one day defeat the Androids and bring peace to their world.


  • It is implied that the change left in by Chronoa actually results in Future Gohan's line in The History of Trunks special about another warrior (Future Trunks) rising to take his place was a direct result of his encounter with Xeno Trunks in this saga. It should be noted that the line was absent when Xeno Trunks first looked at the scroll at the beginning of this saga which shows the original unaltered history. This would imply that Future Gohan in the special went to his death knowing he would die and that Future Trunks would bring peace to the future, due to meeting Xeno Trunks as a result of the Time Breakers actions. This would make Future Gohan's sacrifice all the more heroic and makes him resemble his father who had previously sacrificed his own life for the greater good to kill Raditz.
    • However, by leaving this relatively minor change in results in part of the Unknown History Saga, which shows an alternate timeline were Xeno Trunks fulfilled his desire to save his master as a result of a natural time distortion created by the Distorted Time Eggs responding to Xeno Trunks' strong desire to save Future Gohan.
      • This is implied to have resulted in two incarnations of Xeno Trunks, one who listened to the Future Warrior, Chronoa, and Future Gohan choosing to remain with the Time Patrol and who takes part in the following sagas, while the other exists in the alternate timeline created naturally by the Distorted Time Eggs who chose to fulfill his desire to save Gohan and after defeating Future 17 & 18 decides to remain with Future Gohan, Future Bulma, and his younger teenage self to protect this new timeline he created. It is unclear if Chronoa erased or allowed this timeline to continue to exist as an alternate timeline, as her ultimate decision is never revealed.
      • It is implied that the Future Gohan that works as an Instructor may have come from the Unknown History timeline as Present Android 18 notes he obviously comes from a timeline where he was not killed by her future counterpart and Future 17 as well as the fact Future Gohan only appears in Conton City after the Unknown History Saga is completed (though this requires the Masters Pack DLC for Future Gohan to appear).
      • Additionally during the Warrior of Hope Saga, Future Gohan and Future Trunks (Teen) are shown lending their energy to Super Saiyan Anger Future Trunks (DB Super)'s Spirit Bomb through the rift created by Goku Black in an indeterminate future timeline which is either DB Super Future Trunks' or Xeno Trunks' (whom originate from different future timelines) past or the Unknown History Saga timeline (presumably alternate Xeno Trunks is busy dismantling the Time Machine with his mother's counterpart in that timeline as it is no longer necessary or he is busy assisting in the future Capsule Corporation's reconstruction efforts following the Android's defeat) as the city in the distance looks pristine as if it had been recently constructed. However the exact period is unconfirmed as the Rift in Time is connected to countless eras and timelines.
      • It should be noted Chronoa is technically at fault for Unknown History timeline's creation as it likely would not have occurred had she allowed the alterations to disappear and restore the original unaltered history. Additionally, she notes the alternate Xeno Trunks' actions where influenced by the time distortion created by Towa's Distorted Time Eggs which was caused by the eggs inadvertently reacting Xeno Trunks strong desire to save his master. Chronoa herself even noted she was careless for failing to realize how badly Gohan's death effected Xeno Trunks. Thus she likely took all these factors into consideration when she made her decision along with the Future Warrior and Elder Kai's input. Additionally her benevolent nature and empathy for Trunks likely came into play as it had in the past unless she considered it the result of her being too soft hearted and resolved to take a more hardline stance though this is less likely given her compassionate nature.
  • This saga reveals that Future Android 16 indeed exists in Future Trunks' timeline but was presumably never activated in the original future timeline. However he was apparently found by Towa who activated and reprogrammed him to serve the Time Breakers in altering history of that timeline. However he is defeated by the Future Warrior and Future Gohan, forcing Towa to repair him and send him to kill Future Trunks after the plan to kill Future Gohan failed and Mira was defeated. Though he is powered up and teamed with Future Perfect Cell, they are ultimately destroyed by the Future Warrior and Future Trunks (Xeno Trunks' past self).
  • Despite being partially corrected with an albeit minor alternation left in as it did not alter events too much, like all timelines fixed by the Time Patrol, it results in several Time Fragment timelines (featured in Parallel Quests) most of which involve Future Android 16 teaming up with Future 17 and 18. One even results in the Future Dragon Balls being restored despite Future Kami still being dead forcing Future Trunks of that parallel timeline to work with the Time Patrol to stop the three Future Androids from using the Dragon Balls, however it is unclear if Future Trunks uses the Dragon Balls after the Androids are stopped or how they could exist without Future Kami being alive.
  • This saga shows that Chronoa can leave timeline alterations in the official timeline if she chooses to. She explains that changes in history usually disappear once she puts the scrolls together after they have been corrected, thus causing the original timeline to be restored. This explains why most characters react with surprise if they meet the Warrior even if they had encountered then before when they were fixing earlier timelines, as those encounters are erased when Chronoa puts the scrolls together after the timeline is corrected. However, if those encounters are left unaltered, then they can potentially lead to further alternations or problems as shown during Unknown History Saga.

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