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Main Timeline[]

  • Old Kai, a fifteenth generation Supreme Kai, is sealed into the Z Sword[1] by the short-tempered Beerus the Destroyer after an argument over some trifling thing during one of their coordination meetings held every 1,000 years.[2]


  • Chronoa and Mechikabura were both given a Tokitoki egg to raise in order to become Supreme Kai of Time. Mechikabura distorted his egg with dark magic and unsuccessfully attempted to hide his failure by creating Dogidogi, while Chronoa successfully raised her egg into Tokitoki and was given the position, succeeding the former Supreme Kai of Time, Aeos.[3][4]
  • In the Heavenly Realm, Chronoa raises Tokitoki into an adult with help from Demigra.
  • Demigra tries to use Tokitoki for his own gains but is discovered and he, Mechikabura and their allies are exiled by Chronoa to an empty space which they form into the Demon Realm.[5][6]
    • Demon God Demigra from over 75 million years in the future travels back to interfere with these events, scolding his past self for not absorbing Tokitoki and empowering him, however his attempt at changing history in his favor is thwarted by the Time Patrol.
  • Demigra, now a Demon God, invades the Time Nest and tries to seize control of time by attempting to steal Tokitoki, but fails and is sealed in the Crack of Time by the Supreme Kai of Time.
  • Beerus visits the Time Nest and meets Chronoa.[7]
Altered Timeline
  • Demon God Demigra travels back in time to aid his past self's experiments on Tokitoki.
    • The Time Patrol arrive to investigate the temporal distortions, and encounter Gravy, Putine, and a brainwashed Great Ape Gohan. They meet the past Chronoa, and are pointed towards Demigra Castle.
    • The Time Patrol discover Demigra's plot and fight him, Gravy and Putine.
    • Demon God Demigra empowers his past self, but he and his past self are defeated. Demon God Demigra declares his future resurrection before disappearing.

Dr. Slump[]

  • In the chapter of Dr. Slump, Hello, Moon! Time Machine transports Arale and Tsururin back to the time of the dinosaurs, a few moments before the events of the Tertiary extinction caused by a meteorite killing most prehistoric lifeforms. Arale stops the meteorite from hitting the younger earth and Headbutting it back into the atmosphere and thus creating Earth's moon.
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Beerus claims to have killed the dinosaurs yet dinosaurs still live on Earth contradicting his claims, indicating he may have been responsible for sending the meteorite to kill the dinosaurs, but his plan was foiled by the time traveling Android's antics as the Time Slipper does not create alternate timelines (this would mark the second time Arale had foiled the plans of a god, as she foiled the Kami of the Galaxy's attempts to keep the Earthlings primitive with Gatchan).


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