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50% Power (50%の力 Gojū-Pāsento no Chikara) is a Rush Attack used by Frieza in his final form.


Frieza elbows Goku at the end of the 50% Power rush

First, Frieza snickers as he elbows the opponent in their face. Then, he teleports behind the opponent and knocks them up off the ground with a low roundhouse kick. Next, he catches the opponent by their neck with his tail and brings them closer to elbow them in the ribs. Finally, Frieza says "I enjoyed that" as he tosses the opponent away with his tail, inflicting a great deal of damage.


Frieza uses this attack during his battle against Goku on Namek. When Goku proves to be an even match for Frieza in his 1% power state, Frieza powers up to 50% of his full power, to Goku's surprise. Frieza then attacks Goku with the "50% Power" rush, greatly injuring him. Goku manages to recover from the attack and continues the fight with Frieza.

Video Game Appearances

Frieza uses 50% Power in Raging Blast 2

The technique is named Elbow Hit in Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout. It was named "50% Power" in the Raging Blast series, where it is one of Frieza's Super Attacks in his final form.


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