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3D Scan Mode, also called Lock On,[2] is a feature used by androids and robots. The first appearance of the feature is when Major Metallitron is shown utilizing it in Dragon Ball.



Major Metallitron uses his 3D Scan Mode on Goku

When Goku goes up to the third floor of the Muscle Tower, Major Metallitron scans over his body to see that Goku is not human, but he is unsure what species of alien Goku actually is. The ability is later used by Cyborg Tao to lock onto Tien Shinhan's biological waves in order for his Super Dodon Ray to not miss during their match at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Android 20, Android 19, and Android 16 possess a similar device that locates and analyzes power, much like scouters. Android 19 uses it to scan Yamcha during his and Android 20's attack on Amenbo Island, nearing the beginning stages of the Android conflict.


Cyborg Tao scanning Tien

In Super Android 13!, during their search for Goku throughout a city, Androids 15 and 14 rely heavily on a mode that allows for a three dimensional scan of their surroundings. This feature even allows them to see straight through buildings, leading to their discovery of Goku. It also has some way of measuring power level, as seen when reading Goku's level before proceeding to attack. They can also identify opponents with this feature, similar to Metallitron, as evidenced by Android 15 scanning Future Trunks and then telling him that he knows his identity as Trunks before firing a blast at him. One final feature is a synchronization with Dr. Gero's Super Computer, which feeds them information and shows scans of weak points during battle. When using this mode, their eyes flash and make repetitive beeping noises. They also see a blue interface, filled with white graphs, numbers, and other various technological markings. Android 13 also possesses this feature and uses it when he joins the battle against Goku in the Arctic.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, the Meta-Coolers possess their own version of 3D Scan Mode, which they can use to locate and Lock-On to their opponents in order to unleash the Lock-On Buster technique.


Roshi's "Scan Mode"

Although he is not an android, Master Roshi utilizes a similar technique in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, when he finds some ladies sitting at a table, though it is likely done for comedic relief. Another possibility is that Roshi's sunglasses, which he commonly wears, had been equipped with a 3D Scan Mode designed to locate attractive women, which would be a quite plausible scenario considering Roshi's perversion (nor would it be the first time he used technology to do perverted things, such as when he used the Micro Band to try and spy on Bulma and Launch).

The Machine Mutant leader of the Sigma Force, Commander Nezi, is able to use a device similar to the 3D Scan Mode. He uses it to scan the movements of Goku during their battle. His fusion form, Super Mega Sigma Cannon, utilizes the device as well for the same purpose.




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