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"3... 2... 1... Lift Off!" (ナメックせいはっしん!! Namekku-sei Iki Hasshin!!, lit. "Departing for Planet Namek!!") is the fifty first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred forty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover depicts Bulma striking a pose while in her space suit. Behind her is a view of space.


Back at Wukong Hospital, Bulma and Mr. Popo are explaining to everyone about Kami's spaceship. Mr. Popo explains that he can not come on the voyage with them as he has to look after the Lookout. Bulma is angry because Mr. Popo is the only one who knows the Namekian language, the language which the ship responds to. Mr. Popo tells her not to worry, he can teach the language. Irritated, Bulma says that she does not want to go alone. Master Roshi says he would like to go, but Bulma shouts that he would just add needless danger. Noting that Goku is in no condition to come, Bulma asks Krillin, who accepts. Gohan decides that he wants to come too. Chi-Chi is shocked and becomes angry when Gohan continues to say he wants to go. She begins to shout at him and insist that he stay home. In a rare defiant moment, Gohan yells at his mother to be quiet and says that he can fight too.

Bulma, Dr. Brief, and his crew are seen working on Kami's ship, fixing it up and re-inputting the Namekian language.

Ten days after Bulma told everyone about the spaceship, the crew assemble at Kame House where the ship is parked. Bulma has cut her hair so it would not get in the way of her space suit, and is visibly bothered when she sees Kuririn's casual clothes. Chi-Chi and Gyūmaō arrive with Gohan, who has been given a bowl-shaped haircut and dress in fancy clothes by his mother. Kuririn laughs and asks Gohan if it is really him, to which Gohan respond that his dad laughed too.

The ship takes off and Gohan reveals that he has made his own clothes, based on Piccolo's outfit. Bulma changes into normal clothing and is still annoyed that she was the only one who had "enthusiastically prepared for outer space."




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