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"#16's Secret Weapon" (16ごうみつへい Jūroku-Gō no Himitsu Heiki, lit. "No. 16's Secret Weapon") is the two hundred twelfth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku, Chi-Chi and a young Gohan in a vehicle.


As Gohan screams for him to stop, Cell flies over to the Dragon Team and swiftly swipes the bag of Senzu Beans from Krillin's hands. He says that the beans are annoying, and flies back to the battlefield. He says that the rest of the Z Fighters are not worth dirtying his own hands on. Gohan asks what he is up to, and Cell says that he will do anything to unlock Gohan's rage. Gohan says that he cannot control it himself, and Cell says that this is why his friends must suffer. As Goku rues not taking a Senzu Bean while he had the chance, Gohan charges at Cell. Cell kicks him into some nearby rubble and yells at him to get mad for real.

Just then, Android 16 unexpectedly flies in, capturing Cell in a bear hug. Piccolo notes that his lack of ki let him get in undetected. 16 asks them to forgive him for sacrificing them, and that he will blow himself up along with Cell. Krillin remembers the bomb inside of 16 that Bulma and her father removed. 16 says that none of them will survive the blast at close range, and attempts to detonate himself. However, the attempt fails, and when 16 asks why, Krillin informs him that the bomb was removed because it was too dangerous. Cell sarcastically says that this is too bad, but that no bomb blast would have killed him anyways. He then turns and rips 16 apart with a Ki Blast. Cell says that 16 was one of Dr. Gero's failures, and kicks his severed head away.

Looking at the Z Fighters, Cell says that it is now their turn, and counts that there are seven of them. As Vegeta wonders what he is up to, Cell pops seven miniature copies of himself from his tail. Calling them Cell Juniors, he tells them to attack the Z Fighters, and that he does not care if they kill them. As the Cell Juniors head towards the Z Fighters, Cell says that they cannot win; even though the Cell Juniors are small, they are his children.





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