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Weekly Jump announced two more characters for J-Stars Victory Vs., an upcoming fighting game for PS3 and Vita. Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho and Gon Freeccss from Hunter X Hunter will be playable.

J-Stars Victory VS is the cross-over Madness Namco Bandai for PlayStation 3 and PSVita. This psychedelic title consolidate different licenses from the jap'animation and manga . For now, we know that Goku of Dragon Ball , Luffy from One Piece , Toriko from Toriko , Naruto from Naruto , Ichigo from Bleach and Kenshin from Kenshin The Drifter will be included in the cake / cartridge. The magazine V-Jump book reveals some information and a new battleground.

Regarding the latter, players can play to their heart's content on the planet Namek (from Dragon Ball Z ). In the background, we can see various houses and the famous ship of the formidable Freezer . Now for the serious stuff, the gameplay . An energy bar, located on the top of the screen is divided into three parts. If you get to fire it off, you can trigger a mega power that eliminate your opponent in no time. Then the fighting will be a team - the two against two (one being the player, the other led by the computer). You can blow an opponent of many, but it may struggle in reversing the situation as by releasing into the air to string together a super attack.

Everything is illustrated with a few scans of the Japanese magazine. J-Stars Victory VS still does not have a release date, but should be released this year on the machines of Sony Computer Entertainment .

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