This template is used to create a table of manga chapters within a volume.


The first parameter is the title of the first chapter. The second parameter is the image to be displayed beside that chapter. The third parameter is the chapter's summary. After the third parameter, the same parameters repeat for each subsequent chapter. For example, the fourth parameter is the second chapter's title. In addition, there is an optional named parameter, firstchap, that can be used to specify the number of the first episode in the volume. (firstchap may be inserted anywhere in the template's list of parameters — the numbering of the other parameters will not be affected.) If no firstchap is provided, the parameter defaults to 1.

{{manga volume table

| firstchap = 8

| Bloomers and the Monkey King
| File:Bloomers and the monkey king.jpg
| Summary for "Bloomers and the Monkey King" goes here.

| No Balls!
| File:No balls.jpg
| Summary for "No Balls!" goes here.

| Sea Monkeys!
| File:Sea monkeys.jpg
| Summary for "Sea Monkeys!" goes here.


Capítulo nº Título
8 "Bloomers and the Monkey King"
Bloomers and the monkey king
Summary for "Bloomers and the Monkey King" goes here.
9 "No Balls!"
No balls
Summary for "No Balls!" goes here.
10 "Sea Monkeys!"
Sea monkeys
Summary for "Sea Monkeys!" goes here.

Each entry has an anchor link by the same name as the chapter that allows linking to that entry. For example, #Bloomers and the Monkey King scrolls to the correct position for that chapter.

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